As the election date in andhra pradesh draws near, various organizations are conducting surveys to gauge the political landscape. Recently, the Race organization conducted a survey revealing some intriguing results. According to their findings, chandrababu naidu is predicted to lose in Kuppam, while pawan kalyan faces a similar fate in Pithapuram. The organization expresses confidence in the accuracy of their telangana survey results being reflected in Andhra Pradesh.

The Race survey suggests that the tdp may fare well in mangalagiri and Hindupuram. However, the YCP's popularity seems to have increased, with a reported 50.8% vote share in AP. Conversely, the alliance's vote share is purportedly declining compared to previous surveys. In terms of seat projections, the ycp is anticipated to secure 132 to 138 seats, while the alliance may clinch 37 to 42 seats.

YCP supporters believe that if the Race survey results hold, it will be a significant setback for the telugu Desam Party. While most surveys favour the ycp, some indicate a favourable outcome for the alliance. Meanwhile, the nomination process has commenced in ap, with the YSP advocating for Muslim reservations and highlighting the BJP's stance on religious reservations. ycp leaders are actively seeking to capitalize on this issue to attract Muslim voters, leaving the outcome uncertain.

Amidst these developments, the apprehension among tdp leaders is palpable, particularly in light of the unfavourable projections for Mungita Babu in the lead-up to the elections.

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