The ycp has made significant inroads in the coastal regions, particularly in Kosta, under the leadership of jagan Mohan Reddy. His extensive padayatra and subsequent tenure as ap cm have solidified his position as a key leader for the coastal populace. This advantage is reflected in the positive survey results by the india Herald for the ycp in Kosta. While maintaining dominance in Rayalaseema, jagan has chipped away at the tdp alliance in the Coast.

In the 2014 elections, tdp secured a stronghold in the coastal districts, winning 90% of seats. However, over the past decade, Jagan's popularity has surged in these regions. The ycp has also made gains in Uttar Andhra, traditionally considered tdp strongholds, as well as in guntur and krishna districts. The neutralization of Godavari districts has further bolstered YCP's momentum.

In Rayalaseema, ycp is expected to secure no less than 35 out of 52 seats. Additionally, it is projected to win around half of the 22 seats in nellore and prakasam districts. This translates to a total of 46 seats in Greater Rayalaseema, with efforts underway to capture the remaining 42 seats. While the path to a majority is challenging, ycp remains optimistic, aiming to secure at least fifty seats to form a government with a simple majority.

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