Is the TDP's grip loosening in that area?

As part of the 2014, 2019, and 2024 elections, ycp leader cm Jaganmohan reddy is going to contest alone without alliances. As part of that, candidates for 175 constituencies and 25 parliament constituencies have been finalized. cm jagan has started a bus trip named Memanta Sayar from idupulapaya of ysr district and is going around all parts of Andhra Pradesh. The news is that the popularity of ycp is increasing day by day. It seems that this bus trip has reached the 17th day today.
However, it seems that support is coming in an unexpected way to Kanevi in Kosta. jagan, who has completed his yatra in prakasam district, is filled with a standing crowd as soon as he lands in Vijayawada. Especially when cm jagan appears in public, the leaders are saying that there is indescribable enthusiasm in the people. news is also being heard that the ycp did not expect this kind of public support. After completing west godavari district, jagan entered east godavari district.
Especially in the Guntur, Krishna, and Kubhaygodavari districts as well as the Visakhapatnam district, the alliance has high hopes. However, considering the popularity of ycp here, there are arguments that the alliance is not able to meet its expectations. It looks like the alliance must have been shocked to see the people coming along with Jagan. Jagan's yatra continued well till Rayalaseema, Nellore, and prakasam district. But now the news is that the alliance leaders are getting scared as more people are coming. Also, tdp hoped that pawan kalyan would be of political use in the Ubhayagodavari district. Now there are reports that the alliance is getting disheartened by the popularity of Jagan's Yatra.

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