KA Paul's sensational announcement on privatization of steel plant..?

Prajashanti party President KA Paul made a key announcement on Thursday. He announced that he is contesting as Visakhapatnam mp and mla from Gajuwaka. He asked people to win him as Visakhapatnam MP. He said that if he is elected as mp, he will fight in parliament against the privatization of vizag Steel Plant. He wants to win as an mla to solve the problems of the state. He said that he would raise his voice on the problems of the people in the assembly. He spoke at a media conference held at his party office in Visakhapatnam Railway New Colony. He said that candidates from his party are contesting across the state. He said that 3 thousand candidates have applied to contest from their party. He said that good people who work for the people will be selected and they will be given mla and mp tickets. They said that they aim to solve public problems. He released the election campaign song of the Praja Shanti party in the presence of party leaders Esupadam and Jeelakarra Ravikumar.
He reminded me that he had previously undertaken an indefinite hunger strike to protect the visakha Steel Plant. Visakha steel plant is related to the emotions of 5 crores Andhras. He questioned what the leaders of various parties in the state were doing if they were selling it. The Praja Shanti party chief made it clear that he will continue his struggle until the Center withdraws the strategic sale decision of the visakha Steel Plant. He said that when he went on hunger strike in the past, many ministers called him to stop. However, he continued the initiation. He called upon all political parties to join hands to protect the steel plant. He said that earlier he had called for the resignation of all the MPs and MLAs in andhra pradesh to put pressure on the Center to abandon the plans to sell the steel plant. However the political leaders in ap have not come forward for this. He alleged that the value of the Visakha steel plant is Rs.8 lakh crore but the Center is trying to sell it for Rs.4 thousand crore. He asked the people of Visakhapatnam to elect him as mp to stop this.

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