Coimbatore: People's plan is our PM candidate; Answer by Singhai Ramachandran

AIADMK candidate Singhai Ramachandran has said that DMK and bjp candidates in the field in coimbatore have not done any welfare program for the constituency so far. Singhai Ramachandran, who is contesting on behalf of AIADMK in coimbatore Parliamentary Constituency, met the media at Theppakulam Maidan. Speaking then, he said that the ruling bjp at the center and the ruling DMK in the state have not yet implemented any plans for Coimbatore. The two rulers have yet to fix the electricity problem and power loom problems, especially in the industrial city of Coimbatore. Similarly, Annamalai, who is contesting on behalf of the bjp, has not made any plans for the people of Karur and coimbatore in the last three years. I am from coimbatore and have served 25 thousand families so far.

Ganapathi Rajkumar, who contested on behalf of DMK, was the mayor of Coimbatore. What has he done for the people so far? As I am doing now, I will win the mp election and carry out various projects. Ready to talk face-to-face with Annamalai. He does not bring fear. Our prime ministerial candidate is only a people's plan. We bring what people need. It doesn't matter who to support. BJP's election promise is 100 promises in 500 days. This is like saying that I have read 20,000 books so far.

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