Imran Pratapgarhi got angry when Manohar Lal gave this statement…

Former chief minister of haryana and lok sabha candidate from Karnal, manohar lal khattar, congress leaders are continuously attacking him on his alleged statement regarding Congress. In this series, congress Party's rajya sabha mp Imran Pratapgarhi has hit back at Khattar's statement. He posted on his social media account

Imran Pratapgarhi further wrote, "The degrees of each of them are genuine and all of them are more educated than you and PM Modi." On behalf of former cm manohar lal khattar, it was said that congress people are not educated, they are illiterate, they make manifesto whatever comes to their mind.

Deependra Singh Hooda termed it as 'arrogance'

Haryana congress rajya sabha mp Deependra Singh Hooda has also reacted to former cm Manohar Lal Khattar. He posted Khattar's statement on X and wrote 'arrogance'

Khattar called congress leaders illiterate

Lok Sabha candidate from Karnal, manohar lal khattar allegedly targeted congress leaders and called them illiterate. He said that like congress, it was said to deposit Rs 1 lakh each in the accounts of women. He said that this is a matter to think about, but he is not at all educated, he is completely illiterate. He further said that there are 80 crore poor families in the country, if one lakh rupees are deposited in the account of each one then it becomes 80 lakh crore rupees and the budget of the country is 47 lakh crores. If all the budget money is deposited in the accounts then how will the country run?

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