Voting Day is the day of harvesting the sweat sown; Be alert - Stalin's letter

MK stalin, the leader and chief minister of the party, has written a letter to the DMK that we should all be vigilant.DMK leader and chief minister MK stalin has written a letter to party volunteers as the first phase of voting for the lok sabha elections is scheduled for tomorrow. In the letter, “For the love siblings of the leader of our alive, the siblings, one of you is writing. The first phase of the 18th parliamentary election of India, which will be held in a total of seven phases, will be held in 102 constituencies of tamil Nadu's 39 lok sabha constituencies and a lok sabha constituency of Puducherry. Siblings from the day the indian Chief election commission announced the lok sabha elections. All of you have been working on the field, coordinating with the companion party, meeting voters within a very short time, and ensuring that there is no one in the election. You have proved.

One of you, which started in Tirar Kottamam on march 22, ended with the emotional slogans of the people in the South chennai -Central chennai constituencies within the capital of tamil Nadu on april 17. I am very confident. I am sure that the support we have on the field will be recorded as votes and emerge as a success. To fulfill that confidence and determination, the club must work with great care on april 19, the day of voting. Only then will it benefit this day. In tamil Nadu, every one of the volunteers of the club must ensure the success of the coalition candidates. district Secretaries, from district Secretaries to Branch Corporations, are planning to work for themselves and are working on polling agents, polling agents, and booth committee members. Complete warriors.Since the polling agents and alternative agents are in the process of being vigilant until the voting begins, it is necessary to be fully aware of the rules they need to adhere to. I would like to remind you of the obligations to be carried out on the day of the polling day, as it has already been provided with the help of our club's legal department.

Voting day is the day when all the fast -paced and sweat is shed. So work with the most vigilant. We will uphold the voting rights. We will earn a great success. ”

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