Former mp mahua moitra has been released on the Internet and has caused controversy.

Former trinamool congress mp mahua moitra is famous for his speech in parliament. However, Maua Moitra was disqualified after the recommendation of the Ethical Committee Report was accepted in the lok sabha in a complaint that he had received money to question in parliament. Following this, he continued to criticize the BJP-led central government. In this case, Mahua Moidra is contesting the 2024 lok sabha elections again in the Krishnanagar constituency in West Bengal. He is currently engaged in a serious election campaign. In this case, the video of Mahua Moitra's speech is going viral on the internet. In that video, Mahua asked, “The question of your energy is the question. sex is my energy. ” This response of Mahawa has become controversial.

Former mp of Mahua Moidra Krishnanagar lok sabha constituency He contested the lok sabha seat on behalf of the trinamool congress in 2019 and won by a margin of 65,000 votes. Before that, he was a Member of the Carmbur legislator. Mahua was born in the Kachar district of Moidra Assam. He graduated from economics and Mathematics at Mount Holyoke college South Hadley, Massachusett, USA. After completing his studies, Mahua worked as an investment banker at US company JP Morgan Chase in New York and London.

In 2009, he resigned from the post of Vice President of JP Morgan Chase in London. In 2010, he joined the All india trinamool congress Party. Later in the 2016 West bengal assembly elections, Nadia district contested the Karimpur constituency. He later won the 2019 lok sabha elections from Krishnagar, West Bengal. mahua moitra is one of the most severe criticisms of the central bjp government. He is making serious criticism and comments. It is noteworthy that his comments about the court and kali Devi have caused controversy.

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