KC Palanisamy, has said that the candidate is completely ignoring the AIADMK in the Erode constituency

With the parliamentary elections to be held tomorrow, did the AIADMK's former administrator KC Palanisamy have been deceived by the AIADMK's Erode constituency candidate? Or did he betray? Edappadi Palanisamy has questioned.

* Was the Erode parliamentary constituency 3 months ago to contest the AIADMK from the bjp and brought it to the EPS today?

The candidate is to find the AIADMK

* For the past two days, the AIADMK candidate has been angry with the party, saying that if your party wants to win your party, your symbol is to win.

* If I pressure the former ministers who tried to fix me, I have warned that I will meet with the district Collector and quit the competition. Why did Edappadi Palanisamy allow him to know all this?

Stagnant AIADMK executives

* The result of allowing the basic party sentiment, faith, and admiration for leaders, symbols, and volunteers to use the symbol as an economic business! Is this a sudden change in the opposite side that he has given himself a conqueror that he has to face fierce competition and that he has given him the opportunity and spent so far?

* The voters in the area are getting a bad name that the candidates have cheated because the candidate is now backing up after the party has announced that there will be careful work in their respective areas. Moreover, the parties who have so far borrowed, hoping to give up the candidate, are struggling to ask for what they have spent. This is a nickname for the party in the future, as well as the act of the candidate, which is in the process of affecting the constituencies of Tirupur, Pollachi, Namakkal, and Karur.


* Is it the business strategy in politics today that Edappadi Palanisamy and KC Palanisamy have won the biggest margin in the same parliamentary constituency today? Or is it the wrong decision of the leadership that gave the party a chance to the party? Was this situation due to the lack of maturity to lead the party due to his selfishness and arrogance despite many qualities? Will they correct themselves? Edappadi, Thangamani and Velumani. Casey Palanisamy has questioned

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