Moved away from YCP. They are going to jump into the fray from the Congress. Will deposits come if I contest from congress in AP? There are no such doubts.. The political classes are expressing slowness on the victory of that leader. Not only winning.. He is slow on the majority as well. He is the former MLA, Amanchi Krishnamohan, who is known as the lion of sarees. Soon he will join the congress party. They will compete in sarees. However.. not only on his victory, but on Meja Riti, the discussion is going on here.

Observers say that they will win more than the 10,000 majority who came as independents in the 2014 elections. The reason for this.. is following the cashing of his check in mass. Moreover.. people are standing by him as he is also known as a populist. Even after the defeat in the last election, she did not stay away from sarees. Responded to public issues. At one stage, he resolved the fishermen's dispute in his own style.

Moreover.. even though he was not in power to distribute the house titles in the constituency.. because he was in YCP.. he did it. With this, the trust graph in the constituency has increased. Now, people here are questioning the fact that ycp did not give him a ticket even after doing this. There is also an argument that injustice has been done to Amanchi who worked hard for the party. Added to this is the opposition to the sitting MLA. It is noteworthy that now his name is echoing in the constituency.

Saree people are waiting as if it is too late to make their nomination. In addition to this, the two leaders who are contesting from the two main parties are non-local to the constituency... but local, so this time this slogan is a plus. Also, the congress party is also hoping for sarees. Here, the party is intensifying its efforts to achieve revival. Moreover.. the leaders are counting on the revival of the congress party in the background of expectations that their victory is certain. Let's see what happens. However, it is noteworthy that this time the winds of sympathy are blowing strongly for Amanchi.

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