It is known that the name of butta renuka, who is contesting on behalf of Emmiganoor constituency from ycp in the joint kurnool district, has gone viral on social media in recent times. Jagan's comments at a public meeting in Emmiganur that Buttarenuka's financial situation is dire have gone viral. But yesterday morning when butta renuka filed her nomination, the netizens were shocked to know the amount of her assets.
It is worth noting that the assets in the names of butta renuka and her husband Shivaneelakanta are 161 crore 21 lakh rupees. Of these assets, movable assets are 142 crores 46 lakhs and immovable assets are 18 crores 75 lakhs. butta renuka couple has debts of 7 crore 82 lakh rupees. In the year 2014, Butta Renuka's property value was 242 crores 60 lakh rupees and in ten years, the value of her property decreased by 80 crore rupees.
Butta Renuka couple has made huge investments in hotels, educational institutes and automobiles business. Apart from owning a convention hall, the Butta couple owns a dealership of several companies' vehicles. gold, diamonds and other jewelery in Renuka's name is worth two and a half crore rupees while her husband has 435 grams of gold jewellery.
As far as the cases against butta renuka are concerned, it seems that while there are three cases pending against butta renuka in the Economic Offenses court in hyderabad for violating IT rules, there is one case in Kurnool. Some netizens are jokingly commenting that they do not understand why jagan said that the financial condition of this mla candidate who has hundreds of crores of rupees after knowing the value of Butta Renuka's properties.

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