As the assembly and lok sabha elections are approaching in the state, there is tension between the ruling and opposition parties. With the aim of winning, the ycp and the alliance are going above and beyond each other in the campaign. But when it comes to the joint prakasam district, it is clear that it is impossible for ycp to win in Addanki, chirala and Parchur constituencies. However, in the case of those three seats, due to some disturbance in the 2019 elections, it has to be said that ycp has suffered a big setback there. Even though YSP is planning to win there in this election, the chances of winning there are less. Surveys say.

But when it comes to Parchur constituency, tdp candidate Eluri sambasivarao won in 2014 and 2019 elections. The ycp leadership has already changed many in-charges to strengthen the party. Initially, Amanchi Krishnamanohar was appointed as the in-charge but within a few days due to his personal reasons, he was again made in-charge of Cheerala constituency. Then again, Edam balaji was made in-charge of Parchur.

He is also absent from Parchur. ycp does not have the guts to challenge the tdp candidate Eluri sambasivarao who has made all plans for the victory of YCP. Although ycp has a foothold there at the ground level, due to the lack of a proper local leader, it is clear that the ruling party ycp will face a setback this time as well. In addition to this, Eluri sambasivarao is working with the people and working for the development of the constituency. He got along well. A similar situation can be seen in some surrounding constituencies. However, political analysts say that such incidents are happening because the ruling party is changing the in-charges and appointing new ones.

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