Mamata Banerjee's 'citizenship' warning to migrants...

Mamata Banerjee, the chief minister, encouraged migrant workers who were celebrating Eid in their home state of West bengal on friday to cast their ballots in the current lok sabha elections before heading back to work. The leader of the trinamool congress (TMC) threatened to revoke their citizenship and aadhar card if the BJP-led government took back control of the country, according to ANI, while speaking at a public gathering in Murshidabad. "I would like to request that all of the migrant workers who have come here to celebrate Eid please stay and vote because they will take away your citizenship and your aadhar card if you don't vote in the next few days," Banerjee was cited by ANI as saying.

The chief minister vehemently opposed the Citizenship Amendment Act's (CAA) implementation in the state, declaring, "I will not let caa implement here." I haven't allowed NRC to be used in this place. When it was used in Assam, a great deal of people perished.Banerjee expressed apprehension about the possible consequences of the Uniform Civil Code, a feature of the BJP's electoral platform, saying, "Now that they're discussing UCC, what are your thoughts? If they bring in UCC, you will all become anonymous."

On April 19, three Lok Sabha constituencies in West Bengal—Coochbehar, Jalpaiguri (SC), and Alipurduars (ST)—were holding their first round of voting in the lok sabha elections. mamata banerjee made her plea at that time.In the 2019 general elections, the bjp won all three lok sabha seats. Coochbehar and Alipurduars remained bjp strongholds in the 2021 assembly elections, with the party taking five out of seven segments in the first and six out of the second. The TMC was ahead in Jalpaiguri, gaining five, while the saffron party only managed two.

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