KCR bus Yatra scheduled for april 22–May 10...

It is known that in the backdrop of the lok sabha electionsBRS leader and Telangana's first chief minister kcr decided to undertake a bus trip. From 22nd of this month to 10th of May, kcr will be on a bus trip across Telangana. In this regard, BRS leaders K Vasudeva reddy met the Chief Electoral Officer Vikas raj on friday regarding KCR's bus travel permission. To this extent, Vasudeva reddy handed over the details of the bus journey to Vikas Raj. In this context, it was requested to take security measures in connection with the Yatra. He asked them to see that the police would provide assistance to the yatra. Vasudeva reddy asked that the elections should be conducted in a transparent and peaceful manner.

In yesterday's BRS meeting, kcr suggested that there will be road shows in 3-4 assembly constituencies within each parliamentary constituency and the leaders should sit down and decide the route map and locations that are suitable for the party. He said that the roadshows will be between 8 am to 10 am and again from 5 pm to 10 pm. He said that he would also participate in public meetings while doing bus trips. He said that there will be some public meetings in other areas including siddipet and Warangal. Activists were asked to go door to door to spread the word.

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