CM and deputy cm competing in lies..! Harish Rao's post...

Former minister and siddipet MLA harish rao severely criticized that the contest of lies is continuing under the congress rule. harish rao stated that the cm and deputy cm are competing and telling lies about farmers' loan waivers. harish rao posted stating that Congress's six guarantees... have been proved once again to be equal to a hundred lies.

Deputy cm Bhatti Vikramarka is competing with cm revanth reddy in lies. After announcing in the full assembly that the congress party has not given any guarantee on the unemployment benefits, Bhatti, who was dismayed, has also been tongue-tied about the loan waiver. Bhatti Vikramarka's statement that he did not promise loan waiver in 100 days is a gross deception of 70 lakh farmers. harish rao said that revanth reddy in his capacity as PCC President said that 2 lakh loan waiver would be done on december 9, but it is ridiculous for Bhatti to act as if he did not know that his first signature as chief minister was on loan waiver.

The condition of the congress leaders is as if the ship is slow until it crosses the river and the boat is slow after crossing the river. The congress party, which is showering promises before the elections, is showing a stubborn hand after it is over. people are noticing everything. In the next election, they will surely speak their minds. Avoidance of unemployment benefits yesterday – Today, farmers are showing a tendency to bypass the loan waiver. harish rao released a video saying that these are the evidences of congress leaders' frauds.

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