Israel made a big revelation to America 24 hours ago...

Many Iranian cities are experiencing disruptions in daily life as a result of Israel's enormous air bombardment. Numerous Iranian cities have seen the cancellation of flights. Following this attack, reports of a stock market collapse have also surfaced. The magnitude of the damage inflicted by the Israeli attacks is unknown at this time, but it is becoming increasingly clear that America was informed 24 hours in advance of the attack.

Israel reportedly notified the united states roughly 24 hours prior to the assault, according to sources cited by NBC News. iran reportedly threatened to strike the united states over the next one to two days on Thursday. CNN reported on discussions that had taken place between the united states and israel before to the strike. According to CNN, Israeli Defense minister Yoav Galant and US Defense minister Lloyd Austin had a phone conversation prior to the strike. However, in an effort to ease tensions, the two leaders had a conversation at this period.

The US informed the ambassador

Following Israel's strike on the Iranian city of Isfahan, the united states has grown concerned. According to reports, following the Israeli attack, the united states notified its embassy located in Jerusalem. It has been recommended that US Embassy staff members and their families avoid visiting Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Beersheba. However, iran has also activated its defense system's alert mode.

Assault on the birthday of Khamenei 

This strike was carried out by israel on Khamenei's birthday, the supreme leader of Iran. According to reports, israel launched an attack just as Iran's supreme Leader, Ayatollah ali Khamenei, was ready to celebrate turning 85 today. Iran's supreme Leader since 1989 has been Khamenei. Actually, there was an apparent attack on the Iranian embassy in syria on april 1. iran attacked, accusing israel of being behind it, and israel has since responded.

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