America's big statement regarding lok sabha elections!!!

The first phase of voting for the lok sabha elections in india started on Friday. Meanwhile, big news has come from America regarding India. Actually, America has refused to send election observers. America said that it is not sending any election observers to India, but is excited to further strengthen its relations with India.

When the US State Ministry was asked in the press conference that india is organizing elections as the largest democratic country in the world. Voting also started on Friday. Its results will also come on june 4, the people of india will also elect a new government. So is America sending any observers or any delegation regarding this election? Apart from this, what are America's comments on the elections? In response to this, Assistant press Secretary Vedant patel said, I have no information that America is sending any observer for the elections in India. We generally do not send observers to democratic countries like India. We are certainly excited to deepen and strengthen our relationship with India. We do not want to comment on the elections.

Voting started from today

In the first phase, voting is taking place on 102 lok sabha seats in 21 states and union territories. There is huge enthusiasm among the people of the country in the first phase.

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