India.. Growth in the export sector. gujarat showing mass. tamil Nadu is growing at breakneck speed - a view!

Merchandise Export: It can be said that india, which is planning to grow in the manufacturing sector on a par with China, has great opportunities for companies leaving China.It is no exaggeration to say that many foreign companies have set up their manufacturing base in india in the last four to five years. Due to this India's production and at the same time exports are continuously increasing. In this financial year 2023-24, India's total exports, i.e. merchandise exports, have increased to around $437 billion.

While this is seen as a Himalayan achievement, gujarat is the state that has played a major role in it. The country has exported goods worth about 134 billion dollars this year. Following that, the state of maharashtra has exported goods worth 67.2 billion dollars this year. But as far as tamil Nadu is concerned, it has not slacked off in any way to the above two states and is exporting goods worth about 43.5 billion dollars. The results of many studies say that tamil Nadu stands out among the states on the path of significant growth.

Following the top 3 states, karnataka exports goods worth around $26.6 billion and Uttar Pradesh exports goods worth $20.5 billion. As far as gujarat is concerned, they mostly export petroleum products. gujarat exported petroleum products worth around $52.91 billion. It can be said that these achievements are a testament to the growth of our indian economy and the strength of our investments. india has achieved this export record despite the economic challenges that are occurring at the global level. The government of india has been saying that efforts are being made to further increase the country's exports through the Export Targeting Schemes of the Central Government

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