Islamists blame newly constructed Hindu temple in UAE..?

Significant destruction was inflicted by the recent floods in the United Arab Emirates. People's life were interrupted by the floods that occurred in dubai after intense rains. Everywhere you looked in dubai, all you could see was water. There was flooding at dubai Airport, forcing the cancellation of about 300 aircraft. Cars was flooded as a result of water logging on the road, and some fatalities were reported. Meanwhile, some people have started spreading allegations that the construction of a Hindu temple in Abu Dhabi is to blame for the destruction.

In Oman, the UAE's neighbor, floods have claimed the lives of 19 people. The Arab population is more concerned now that such rains have occurred, but some are also drawing parallels with the recently constructed Abu Dhabi temple. social media users are making a variety of claims about this downpour; one such claim is based on a video that Pakistani journalist Naila Inayat published. Nayla shared a video clip about how god is upset because idols are being worshipped once more on the same land in Arabia, where a temple has been constructed. 

A fresh assertion in a widely shared video

The video claims that there was a flood in dubai and that the temple in Abu Dhabi was opened on february 14. This makes it quite evident that this is a natural disaster. Naila Inayat posted this video and stated, "These Islamic meteorologists are telling that the Hindu temple built in Abu Dhabi is the reason for the floods in Arabia." It's similar to how earthquakes are caused by girls wearing pants.

Rainfall in dubai is heavy after 75 yearsIn actuality, the Arab Emirates has extreme temperatures with minimal precipitation. But, flooding is currently an issue in dubai as a result of significant rain. According to the dubai Meteorological Department, this type of rain hasn't happened in dubai in the last 75 years. One day's worth of rain has been recorded in dubai, surpassing the annual total.

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