The electiomn nomination process has already started in the state. The election campaign has reached a fever pitch. Candidates of various parties have submitted their nomination papers to the district Collector. At this time, Chandrababu took a key decision on the adjustment of seats in the alliance, the change of candidates contesting in tdp, but when it comes to narsapuram mp ticket nomination, Raghuramakrishna Raju has taken another step forward to backbite bjp or give a heart attack or to satisfy his ego.

No party is willing to give ticket. But he said that if he gives me the ticket of any party, that party will cover his scarf. However, the tdp leader Chandrababu Raghurama Raju, who finally recognized him, decided to put him in the ring. They decided to appoint Rama Raju, who was announced as a candidate, as the district president of the party. However, Chandrababu will shift him from narasapuram sitting mp seat and contest as a tdp candidate from the assembly seat in the same district. tdp has already announced sitting mla Manthena Ramaraj as its candidate there. Chandrababu entrusted his party leaders with the responsibility of dissuading him from contesting.

On one side, bjp candidate Srinivasa varma nominated from narsapuram on behalf of the alliance, but Raghurama got nominated by his son, Kanumuri Bharat. Raghurama did this because he did not let go of Raghurama's excitement on the Undi ticket. Is he turning his back on TDP? Or are you turning your back on BJP? It is not known. On the one hand, the bjp leaders are expressing their anger over his son being nominated as a rival to the bjp while remaining in the alliance.

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