The current state of tdp alliance in Andhra state is proof of the saying that enemies are not anywhere but around us. Chandrababu made many tricks to dethrone jagan and formed an alliance with bjp and Jana Sena. At the same time, he allotted 10 assembly seats to bjp and 20 assembly seats to Jana Sena. When it comes to the parliament, bjp has been allotted two parliament seats to the Jana Sena's six. At this time, only tdp party is contesting in 17 parliamentary seats out of 144 constituencies.

Chandrababu thinks that bjp and Jana Sena votes will go to tdp in these constituencies. But this is where the real twist started. Most of the seats allotted to Jana Sena and bjp are contested by tdp candidates. Apart from giving support, it seems that there is a possibility to enter the ring as rebels. With this, it can be said that the people in the alliance have become his enemies. Recently Anaparthi seat was given to bjp as part of the alliance. But Nallamilli's wife Lakshmi went and nominated from TDP. Apart from that, Siva ramakrishna nominated as a rebel candidate from Undi telugu Desam. Moreover, it seems that those belonging to the bharatiya janata party are running against each other in many areas.

It seems that one person has filed nomination in Araku, and also in Patapatnam, Anaparthi and nandyala constituencies, nominations have been filed as rebels. In this way, Chandrababu is not happy that the people of telugu Desam are against the bjp and the bjp is against the telugu Desam and the janasena as rebels. If this is the case on the first day of the nominations, it becomes difficult to say how many oppositions will come tomorrow and how many rebels will enter the ring. Political analysts believe that if Chandrababu does not appease the rebel candidates, they will surely lose.

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