On the occasion of tdp leader Chandrababu Naidu's 74th birthday today, activists and tdp are celebrating Babu's birthday very grandly.

Chandrababu was born on april 20, 1950 to Nara Kharjura Naidu and Mrs. Ammanamma in Naravaripalle, 20 kilometers from Tirupati. At the age of six, he walked to the village of Seshapuram, two kilometers away, and studied primary education. Studied from sixth to ninth standard in a government school in Chandragiri. After that he studied in tpm high school. In those days, he formed a Vinayaka Sangha in his own village and worked for the development of the village. He completed his degree from Venkateswara Arts college, Tirupati.

His politics started in his college days. Graduated in master of Arts from Venkateswara Arts College. Entered direct politics in 1974. At first he worked as an activist of chandragiri Yuvajana Congress. The leaders who recognized Chandrababu's work gave him a chance to become a candidate for chandragiri constituency in 1978. Chandrababu won during the difficult situation due to Janata Party. In just two years in 1980, he took charge as the minister of Archaeology, Cinematography, Technical education and Animal Husbandry.

When Chandrababu was a minister, ntr invited him for dinner that day. In the first meeting, Chandrababu's intelligence was recognized in the way he cared for the people. As a result, he got married to bhuvaneshwari on 10 september 1981. Chandrababu joined the telugu desam party at the end of 1983 as per NTR's wish. From here another chapter of politics started in Chandrababu's life. tdp training camps were organized across the state with the help of NTR.

It can be said that the strategy shown by Chandrababu in reversing the crisis created by Nadendla bhaskar Rao in 1984 is amazing. When tdp lost in 1989 elections, ntr stayed away from the legislature in shame. At that time, Chandrababu shouldered the entire burden of the assembly. In the 1994 elections, the tdp party received a landslide victory. Elected from Kuppam, Chandrababu took oath as the Finance and Revenue Minister. But at that time there were many problems of people outside the party.. To save the party, a motion of no confidence was passed with 160 MLAs. Chandrababu was first sworn in as chief minister on september 1, 1995. government employees were sent to the people and they did so much as governance to the people. He got three positions as a minister at an early age. Chandrababu is known as the longest serving chief minister in the United States. Chandrababu became the first chief minister of andhra pradesh after the partition state. Chandrababu was born in a very simple farmer's family and grew up to be the leader of the state.

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