'Anagani' - 'Yeluri' friendship with 'Gottipati' is very special...!

- All three are tdp MLAs. All three are brothers.

- The goal of the three is politics without profanity differences

- No doubt about the victory of the three in the 2024 elections

Even if they are in the same party, even if they are in different parties, the friendships of some leaders are beautiful. Among them, tdp sitting MLAs from bapatla district, yeluri sambasivarao, Gottipati Ravikumar, and Satyaprasad's friendship is certain. When it comes to Yeluri and Gottipati, both of them have traveled on different paths politically and now they have become one. ravi started his journey with Congress. Then won mla from YCP, and now he is mla of TDP. yeluri sambasiva rao has been winning as tdp mla twice in a row. Even when Yeluri tdp mla won for the first time in the 2014 election, there was not much friendship between the two. 

After that, since ravi joined tdp, the friendship between Yeluri and Ravi started getting stronger. Since then it gradually grew and became so intertwined that both of them became best friends. As he is the president of Yeluri bapatla district tdp, ravi is not only in the Adnaki constituency but also provides full support and cooperation to him in other matters. Also, Yeluri is working with ravi and working in harmony. As a senior leader, receiving Ravi's advice, tdp is moving forward to win seven seats in the bapatla Parliament. Some of these leaders have also changed parties. But despite coming from different parties, the friendship between MLAs Yeluri and ravi in the last five years will continue as the best. That's why along with the state-level leaders in tdp, the party chief Chandrababu and lokesh also keep mentioning the friendship of the two and praising them.

MLA Yeluri and another MLA namely Sathyaprasad are also brothers. Both of them have won two consecutive elections from tdp in 2014 and 2019 elections. This friendship which started in 2014 continues as own brothers. Both of them move forward by taking each other's advice politically and in other matters. It should be said that Yeluri's friendship with ravi and Anagani is like a brotherly bond.

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