Begging nourished India's civilization and culture…

Don't know when, why, and for what reasons begging became a despicable act in the indian subcontinent, don't know when elements of the crime were included in it, don't know when it was morally and socially ostracized, don't know when begging became special. It became vulgar and ostentatious, and who knows when it became only an act of humiliation for some people and a mere object of pity and grace for others.

The situation is such that begging, which once held a proud place in India's civilization and culture, is today proving to be a weak link. Begging is considered a strong topic to insult the civilization and culture of India. Without understanding the characteristics of begging, campaigns are being run intermittently to end it. The example being presented behind this is that this tradition does not exist anywhere else except in the indian subcontinent. Certainly not in developed countries. The picture of begging has been associated with insulting India.

The true opposite of begging

The dark truth is the opposite. The tradition of begging in india has not been just a means of earning a living. Bhikshatan has done the work of irrigating, nourishing, and making indian civilization, culture, customs, traditions, education, science, knowledge, wisdom, religion, scriptures, art, etc. more flourishing than anyone else. The basis of indian civilization and culture has been the foundation of almsgiving by the sages, sages, saints, and sages. The economic basis of the real education system of india, Gurukul, has been begging. Even those who are called avatar Purusha have done almsgiving. From Parashuram, Ram, and krishna to Mahavir and Buddha, they have nourished indian philosophy through almsgiving. Every story of the indian subcontinent is incomplete without begging. Not only Sanatan but all the religions, sects, and traditions present in india have given equal place and respect to begging. Begging has also proved its usefulness for everyone without any discrimination.

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