Mamata is trying to use her vote bank…

There was a lot of celebration of ram Navami in the entire country. ram Navami processions took place in bengal too, but there was a slight difference here. The first difference was that this yatra took place after the order of the high court in Kolkata, secondly, chief minister mamata Banerjee's message on social media also went viral, in which she had called upon people to maintain peace and tranquility on this occasion. Some time back, people also criticized him by linking his greetings for the last Eid, in which he had only congratulated. Many also accused the chief minister of inciting riots against a particular community. The violence that took place in Murshidabad during the ram Navami procession is also drawing strong criticism from the mamata government.

Ram Navami procession

We need to look back a little. Some people believe in ram in bengal, but ram is not worshiped on this wide scale. bengal is mainly and fundamentally the stronghold of shakti Puja. Kali, Durga, Lakshmi, and Saraswati are mainly worshiped here. Worship used to take place here, and all the festivals were celebrated, but in the last ten-twelve years this trend has become particularly dominant.

The message given by the chief minister must have been given keeping the last year in mind. Last year, when it was Ramnavami, ramzan was also going on at the same time and if we leave the urban areas and go to the ganga areas or border areas, there was a complaint in twenty-four Parganas, etc. that when it was their Iftar time, it was very fast. Some disturbance was created by playing dj in the voice. This trend was observed as per community-specific allegations. According to him, the songs were also not religious, but provocative. Similarly, it is also alleged that such cases were seen where the saffron flag was hoisted on the churches or mosques, which are considered to be minorities in official terms. This is an allegation of the ruling party and also of a particular community.

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