The story of the biggest operation against Naxalites…

The date was 16th april 2024, it was around 11 o'clock in the day. Security forces received concrete information that notorious Naxalite commander shankar Rao was going to hold a big meeting with his entire team in the Hapatola forest of Chhote Bethia police station area of Kanker. There is a gathering of about 40 to 50 Naxalites with him. Security forces got information that these Naxalites were planning to cause bloodshed during the lok sabha elections. The forests of Hahatola are very dense and also a safe place for Naxalites to hide. There was silence in the entire forest on the morning of 16th April. But suddenly around 11.30 am, the first gunshot was heard in this Aspal area, and then within a few moments, a fierce encounter started in the forests of Hahatola.

The soldiers present in the security forces team narrated the eyewitness account of this entire operation to the ABP reporter. He said that the Naxalites were hiding in the Tekri area of the forest considering it as their safe place. But as soon as our team got the news of this, it immediately reached the Naxalites' hideout. During this entire operation, the soldiers were only 250 to 300 meters away from the Naxalites.

The soldiers had surrounded the entire area from all sides, hiding themselves with the help of trees and ridges. On one hand, our soldiers were fully prepared to arrest these Naxalites, while on the other hand, Naxalite commander Shankar, unaware of this danger, was sitting assured after having dinner with his comrades.

Information has also come to light that Naxalite commander shankar was about to hold his meeting shortly before the encounter. But before this meeting could take place, the police started firing. The soldier said that this operation lasted for 5-5 hours and when the firing was heard to stop, the soldiers started searching in the encounter area. The soldiers have recovered the bodies of 29 Naxalites one by one. The special thing is that out of these 29 Naxalites, the Naxalites (leader shankar Rao and Lalita) were the ones who had a reward of Rs 8 lakh each. Some Naxalites were also injured in this entire operation and fled from the spot.

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