Why are parties avoiding giving tickets to Muslims?

In 2004, 34 Muslims reached parliament after winning the Lok Sabha, while in 2009 this figure was 30, but this figure has declined in 10 years. In 2004, the nda alliance had given tickets to about 20 Muslims. 50 candidates were nominated from the UPA side. congress alone had fielded 33 Muslim candidates in this election. In 2009, the nda gave about 10 tickets and the UPA alliance gave 50 tickets to Muslims. In such a situation, the question arises why have political parties started refraining from giving tickets to Muslims? According to senior journalist Qurban Ali, politics of polarization is the main reason for this. Political development of Muslims is not on BJP's agenda and the opposition does not give tickets due to fear of defeat.

Ali further says – that Muslims will get tickets only when secular parties come forward strongly to defeat the politics of polarization. Now she should be asked why she does not want to give tickets to Muslims. Furkan Ansari, who was the congress MP from Godda seat, was also a contender for the ticket this time, but in the end, the party canceled his ticket and gave it to deepika Pandey Singh. Godda is also considered a Muslim-dominated seat.

After the ticket was cut, Furkan held a press conference and accused the party's high command of insulting him. On the question of isolating Muslims in congress, Furkan says that during sonia Gandhi's time, special care was taken about the share, but from 2019 the party has changed the strategy. According to Furkan, bjp is already doing politics by misusing Muslims, now congress and secular parties have also taken Muslims for granted. The high command should tell why the party is doing this.

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