Since sharmila assumed charge of the PCC, the congress Party seems to have made a slight recovery. sharmila is making various efforts to strengthen the congress party in Andhra, especially in Rayalaseema. Accordingly, she is conducting extensive tours. She created a sensation by announcing her intention to contest from the kadapa Parliament Constituency, making the YS Viveka murder case a topic of discussion there.

 However, after the matter went to court, the court ordered that no one should discuss it. Consequently, it does not seem that this discussion is happening among the people. sharmila is currently campaigning in Kurnool, along with Sunita, emphasizing that the congress party is still popular in Andhra. It's anticipated that especially after filing the nomination, Sharmila will campaign extensively in Rayalaseema. There are reports that she will campaign in some constituencies in particular. 

It is believed that the vote for the congress is definitely against the YSP party. Reports suggest that Dalits and Muslim voters are also leaning towards the congress this time. Even if sharmila does not win seats in Rayalaseema, there is a lot of speculation in congress that she will have a political future if the YSP is defeated. 

Moreover, sharmila is moving forward with concrete plans to position herself as the heir apparent. Congress leaders are also suggesting that the existence of ycp is going to be in danger in the coming days. Let's see if the congress party will make further progress in Andhra in the upcoming days.

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