In Visakha, there are many contenders for the Anakapalli assembly seat. Politically speaking, Konatala Rama Krishna, who has been in hiding for almost four and a half years, has emerged as the latest candidate to win the Anakapalli mla ticket. He filed his nomination as an mla when the waves of dissatisfaction were adjusted to the alliance.

The filing of his nomination has made his fans happy, but the discussions are still ongoing, with high hopes and parades in the palanquin of imagination. Many people are prophesying that he will become a minister and be the one who brings the coalition government into the state. The transfer of votes between the three parties should be smooth.

 After all, even if he becomes an mla, there should be an alliance. Furthermore, we have to see how many ministerial posts will come in the janasena party's share. It should be noted that they have not been given any in the Visakha district except the telugu Desam Party. Senior leader and former minister Ayyannapatra will be in the ministerial race. Why will they be given the post of minister in the next constituency of the same district? All these are also included in political mobilizations.

 The lower castes are trying to make a difference by spreading the word that they will become a minister for nothing. To say the least, he has a reputation as a leader with a lot of political flair. He won the Anakapalli mp from congress in 1989 by a margin of just nine votes. Even now, at the moment when he thought he had retired from politics, he knocked on the door and gave the ticket to Pawan Kalyan. His group is saying too much that if you get together with luck like a horse can fly, anything will happen. Let's see if luck will come and the horse will fly.

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