Loksabha election 2024 Parantur, Venkaivyal people boycott election!

People of Parantur and Venkaivyal have boycotted the Parliamentary lok sabha elections. Voting is being held in 7 phases for a total of 543 constituencies across the country. Accordingly, the preliminary voting for 102 lok sabha constituencies in 17 states including tamil Nadu and puducherry and 4 Union Territories began at 7 am today and ended at 6 pm. people in all the areas lined up since morning to do their democratic duty. As of 5 pm in tamil Nadu, 63.20 percent voting has been reported. In this situation, the people of Parantur and Venkaivyal of tamil Nadu have boycotted the Parliamentary lok sabha elections.

The villagers of Ekanapuram and Nagapattu, which are part of the Sri Perumputhur parliamentary constituency, boycotted the election to protest against the construction of Parantur airport near Kanchipuram. Ekanapuram village has a total of 1375 voters. With two polling booths set up there, finally, 21 persons have cast their votes. Similarly in Nagapattu village where there are 280 votes, only about 40 votes have been registered. The people of the area boycotted the elections protesting against the Paranthur airport and protesting that there was no solution after more than 630 days of struggle. Similarly, the mixing of human waste in the drinking water tank in Pudukottai district's Venkaiwayal village caused a great shock across the country. Investigations are still ongoing regarding this incident. However, no one was arrested. The villagers of Venkaivyal had announced that they would boycott the election as the incident was not resolved. Accordingly, they boycotted the election.

In Vengaiwayal, which has a total of 561 voters, only eight people from Thayoor village have registered their votes. It is to be noted that although the authorities continued to hold reconciliation talks with the people of Venkaiwayal and Thaoyoor villages, none of the villagers came forward to vote.

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