Soori: A shock awaits soori who came to vote with desire! The video released with concern!

Actor Suri returned without casting his vote claiming that his name was missing from the voter's list when he went to do his democratic duty.Today, parliamentary election voting is being held all over tamil Nadu in a single phase. Public, celebrities, political leaders... are standing in line and voting very eagerly. Security was also given to celebrities as they came and voted in many places in Chennai.

Also some rules like no cell phone use were followed very strictly. As the elections are going on very smoothly in all places, special permission was also given to women and elderly people who come with children.And since morning, celebrities have cast their votes and are posting their photos on social media saying that they have fulfilled their democratic duty. In that way, when actor Suri went to the polling booth along with his wife to cast his vote, actor Suri's name was missing from the voter list and this time he was denied the right to vote.In this regard, Suri posted a video on her social media and said, "I came to vote to fulfill my democratic duty. I have been voting every time without fail. But this time they say my name is missing from the voter list. Only my wife's name is there. Only he has voted.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 It is very sad to come to vote and leave without voting. However, he said that everyone should pay their dues 100 percent. This video is now going viral.

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