Preliminary voting completed: 63.20 percent voting in tamil Nadu as of 5 pm!

The first phase of voting for the parliamentary lok sabha elections has been completed across the country.

India's biggest festival of democracy, the lok sabha elections, has begun. Voting will be held in 7 phases for a total of 543 constituencies across the country. Early voting begins on april 19 (today). The election commission has announced that the final and 7th phase of polling will be held on june 1 the votes will be counted on june 4 and the results will be announced on the same day.

Accordingly, the preliminary voting for 102 lok sabha constituencies in 17 states and 4 union territories including tamil Nadu and puducherry began at 7 am today. In all areas, people lined up since morning to do their democratic duty.

Tamil Nadu (39), rajasthan (12), Uttar Pradesh (8), madhya pradesh (6), uttarakhand (5), Arunachal Pradesh (2), meghalaya (2), andaman and nicobar islands (1), Mizoram (1), Nagaland (1), puducherry (1), sikkim (1), lakshadweep (1), assam (5), maharashtra (5), bihar (4), West bengal (3), Manipur (2), Tripura (1), kashmir - SRINAGAR/JAMMU' target='_blank' title='jammu and kashmir-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>jammu and kashmir (1) and chhattisgarh (1) constituencies. Voting was held for the maximum number of constituencies in the first phase as compared to all other phases. For tamil Nadu, a total of 68,321 polling centers were set up for the lok sabha elections. A total of 6.23 crore people were eligible to vote, including 3.06 crore male voters, 3.17 crore female voters, and 8,467 others. .32 lakh workers were engaged in election work. A total of 950 candidates are in the field including 874 male candidates and 76 female candidates.

The election commission intends to conduct this election safely and transparently. Also, the election commission has taken various measures to ensure 100 percent voting. Accordingly, the people stood in line from morning and performed their democratic duty. Political leaders, film celebrities, and the general public cast their votes. At this stage, the preliminary voting for the parliamentary lok sabha elections has been completed across the country. Voters who arrive before 6 pm are provided with tokens to facilitate their voting. As for tamil Nadu, 63.20 percent of votes have been reported across the state as of 5 pm. The highest voter turnout was 67.52 percent in the Dharmapuri constituency and the lowest was 57.04 percent in the South chennai constituency.

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