VJS: Fan who asked for a selfie when he came to vote. people who touched the morning and bowed and exchanged love Selvan!

Vijay Sethupathi: Voting for the first phase of the parliamentary elections has started today. election voting in tamil Nadu will start at 7 am today and end at 6 pm. The 18th parliamentary election started today 19th April, and in the first phase, the vote registration for the parliamentary election is taking place in various parts of tamil Nadu today. people are eagerly standing in queues and doing their democratic duty. Various celebrities are also casting their votes. Leading stars like Superstar Rajinikanth, Thalapathy Vijay, Actor Dhanush, and Actor vikram are registering their votes in Chennai. Thalapathy Vijay who was abroad also came to tamil Nadu today and cast his vote. Thalapathy Vijay, who was seen with a minor injury on his hand, will contest as the chief ministerial candidate in the upcoming 2026 elections.

In this case, when People's leader vijay sethupathi came to the polling station to cast his vote, an old woman who was unable to walk in a wheelchair asked him for a selfie. He immediately took his cell phone and was happy to take a selfie with him. And since he is an old man, Vijay Sethupathi, who touched his leg and bowed to him, took a selfie with him. people nearby also shook hands with him and expressed their happiness. It is noteworthy that films such as Maharaja and train are being made with Makal Selvan in the lead role.Actor Vijay Sethupathi, who has given many super hit films in the tamil film industry, has not acted in films in a big way. Makal Selvan vijay sethupathi has completely stayed away from playing cameo roles in particular. He is acting for the first time in the film train directed by Misik.

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