Digvijay Singh - 'Against the injustice of BJP...'

Voting is taking place today on 6 lok sabha seats of Madhya Pradesh. Voting, which started at 7 am, is scheduled to continue till 6 pm. Meanwhile, the reaction of congress leader and candidate from Rajgarh constituency Digvijay Singh has come. While talking to the media, Digvijay Singh said that voting for the first phase of lok sabha elections is going on. Digvijay Singh said, 'I am speaking to all the voter brothers and sisters who are suffering from inflation and unemployment. If the country wants to fight against the injustice and atrocities of the Bharatiya Janata Party, for the welfare of the poor, labourers, farmers, and unemployed women, then vote for Congress. When he was asked how many seats congress can win in this lok sabha election in Madhya Pradesh, Digvijay Singh said that he cannot say anything on this right now.

Digvijay Singh contesting from Rajgarh lok sabha seat after 33 years

Let us tell you that former cm Digvijay Singh is contesting from the Rajgarh lok sabha seat after 33 years. This seat is considered the stronghold of the Digvijay Singh family. Digvijay Singh has become mp from Rajgarh seat twice and his younger brother Laxman Singh has become mp four times. This time he is contesting from BJP's Rodmal Nagar. The elections have become more interesting with Digvijay Singh contesting from the Rajgarh Lok Sabha's seat. However, Rodmal nagar won from Rajgarh lok sabha seat in the 2014 and 2019 lok sabha elections.

Kamal Nath appealed for voting by posting on X

Former chief minister Kamal Nath appealed to vote by posting on social media account X. He wrote that the first phase of voting is taking place for the great festival of democracy. I cast my vote early in the morning and request you to strengthen democracy by voting as much as possible.

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