It is known that the mla candidates contesting in ap elections are in the news by filing nominations and disclosing details of assets and debts. But it is noteworthy that most of the candidates have assets in crores. It is known that the assets of Butta Renuka, who jagan said is poor, are worth hundreds of crores of rupees. But it is noteworthy that the assets of a tdp mla candidate are only 14 lakh rupees.
Boggula Dastagiri, who is contesting as an mla from Kodumuru constituency of kurnool district, has become a hot topic. He stated that the assets in his name are worth Rs 14 lakh and his wife has assets worth Rs 7 lakh. Boggula Dastagiri's revelation that the cash in his hand is only 10,000 rupees is becoming a hot topic.
His wife Sudharani has 20,000 rupees in cash. chandrababu naidu is being praised for giving a ticket to the common man knowing about the value of coal Dastagiri assets. Adimulapu Satish is contesting on behalf of ycp from this constituency. Satish's original assets are worth Rs 24 crores 65 lakhs while his wife's assets are worth Rs 13 crores 7 lakhs.
He stated in his nomination papers that he got a loan of 8.5 crore rupees from the bank. Even in the tdp surveys, it is revealed that ycp will win in Kodumuru which is a sc reserved constituency, but it remains to be seen if the election results are going to be the same. In the last few years, there has been no development in the Kodumuru constituency as expected. It remains to be seen whether the mla candidate who wins this election will work for the development of Kodumuru.

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