AP cm YS Jaganmohan reddy is responding to Chandrababu's criticisms against him rather harshly. Chandrababu recently commented that jagan is a bacha, and Jagan's counter to that comment is becoming a hot topic. Speaking at the Anakapalli preparatory meeting, jagan gave an excellent counter by saying, "This bachchan limited you to 23 seats, Babu." There is no need to doubt that Jagan's speech will fill the ycp ranks with enthusiasm.
There was no reaction from the tdp leaders to Jagan's questions saying that 14 years of experience as chief minister is not your mark Chandrababu. It is noteworthy that jagan asked Chandrababu what name to call him who could not come to the election alone. ycp activists and leaders are commenting that jagan has played pranks on Babu's birthday by mass raging Babu.
Can you tell Chandrababu.. jagan asked in reverse saying "Bacha" means fear. He mentioned that all the foxes are afraid of your child coming together even as a single one. jagan revealed that we are fighting to defeat jagan and they have to win over the poor. jagan said that they remember Kamsu, who mistook Lord Krishna, Marichu, who mistook Lord Rama, and Ravana, who mistook Hanuman.
He commented that when the time of defeat comes, heroes look like villains to villains. jagan says your bank accounts are the proof of your child's good deeds. He made comments that he assured the children that our uncle is the CM. While hearing comments that Jagan's speech has changed compared to the past jagan, who is working hard for YCP's success, says that the poor will get schemes only if ycp is in power.

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