Currently, when the elections are going to be held in andhra pradesh in a few days... after the parties announced their candidates, there is more excitement in those areas. It should be said that Shinganamala constituency has become a hot topic in Anantapur.. Bandaru Shravani is contesting here on behalf of TDP.. ycp fielding a very ordinary tipper driver to compete with her is not only a surprise to everyone. Many key leaders are complaining that there is a decision.. But there are reports that mla Jonnalagadda Padmavathi's husband Sambasiva reddy is behind giving a chance to the common man.

Coming to the actual matter.. It is known that in the 2014 elections, tdp candidate yamini Bala won over ycp candidate Jonnalagadda Padmavati with a majority of four thousand votes. Above it can be said that Jonnalagadda Padmavati won with a majority of 47 thousand votes. Moreover, at one time Jonnalagadda Padmavati's name was also heard in the minister's list. Her words saying that she should hold her feet for the position of MLA.. and then the next day, Jagan's words that she was God.. created discontent in the party. With this, ycp party leader Jagan mohan reddy assigned the responsibility of bringing sc candidate on behalf of ycp party to Sambasiva Reddy. And in this background, it can be said that the responsibility of not only announcing the candidate but also winning the candidate is now on Sambasiva Reddy.

  In fact, it is known that tdp chief chandrababu naidu mocked him as a tipper driver after tipper driver Veeranjaneyu announced as ycp candidate in singanamala constituency. In this context, the ycp cadre is saying that they should win the tipper driver no matter what. In this order, if a common person comes to power, people are also curious to know how they will benefit the common people. It is noteworthy that he is mostly leaning towards Veeranjaneyus.. He is saying that he will fight against the tdp who mocked him and show that he will win. After all, if Veeranjaneyu wins, then those who mocked him can be checked like this.

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