Even before the heat of the last assembly elections in telangana subsided, the intensity of the elections flared up again with the arrival of the parliament elections. All parties are moving forward to win, leading to fierce competition between the main parties. Candidates are doing their best to impress the voters.

There is a significant debate about who will emerge as the winner. Particularly, BRS president KCR's home district medak is being taken very seriously. The congress party, currently in power, has already joined hands with key leaders of the BRS party and is attempting to weaken KCR. They aim to mentally defeat kcr by winning in Medak. However, it must be noted that a common man has been brought into the ring.

The congress has fielded bc candidate Neelam Madhu, who has only served as a Sarpanch thus far. Although Neelam Madhu was unanimously elected as the Sarpanch of Chitkul village, he did not succeed in contesting the ZPTC elections. In the last assembly elections, he was defeated by Mahipal reddy, who contested as a BSP party candidate. 

Despite Neelam Madhu's limited political career, cm Revanth reddy has given special focus to ensuring the victory of congress mp candidate Neelam Madhu. Mainampally Hanumantha Rao is also campaigning with Neelam Madhu. Political analysts are also predicting that Neelam Madhu, the Sarpanch of Chitkul village, is likely to win as the mp for medak given the current situation. Let's see what happens.

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