Politics in andhra pradesh is heating up with a war of words. janasena party leader pawan kalyan has criticized Jaganmohan reddy for deceiving the cops recently, leading to many ycp leaders getting fired up. pawan kalyan is under fire for allegedly promising reservation to the Kapus during the 2014 election with the tdp party but later forgetting that promise.

YCP leaders are saying that Chandrababu played a drama in the last election by promising that the bjp government would give 10% reservation to economically backward castes and allocate 5% of it to the Kapus. Recently, pawan kalyan made important comments on the Kapu reservation as part of the Varahi yatra in Rajanagaram. He suggested that Kapu leaders should ask the cm why the reservation for Kapus was cancelled when Jaganmohan reddy came to power.

 Pawan kalyan warned ycp leaders to ask their cm why he removed the 5% reservation for all economically backward Kapus. He stated that Kapu leaders who have won in the ycp party should also answer this matter. However, many ruling parties are questioning Pawan Kalyan's sincerity, arguing that if he genuinely cares for his social class, he should have the courage to announce that he will give 5% reservation in the upcoming elections.

Pawan kalyan is being criticized for doing this to show opposition to jagan and not out of genuine concern for his people. In the past, jagan Mohan reddy campaigned in Godavari district, where there were many cowherds. The leaders of the ruling party have reminded people of this fact. They are asking pawan kalyan to show his love for his community not just in words but in deeds. 

Many leaders are also questioning whether pawan kalyan can guarantee that he will give 5% reservation to the Kapus in the Kutami Manifesto.

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