YSP has done a terrible experiment on such a strong leader..!?

- Bharat competes against Babu, who is like a hill in a heap.
- YSP has done a terrible experiment on such a strong leader.
- If the local results are repeated, will it be bad?

There is a big difference between the elections held once and the elections held now. Once upon a time, there was a situation of voting after looking at the leaders. But, now it is seen that the vote is based on money and the strength of candidates. That's why the parties are giving tickets only if the equations are taken into consideration right from the selection of the candidates. However, ycp is experimenting with the latest elections. It is putting common people and middle-class people in competition. It should be said that more experiments have been carried out, especially in the case of the candidate contesting against tdp leader Chandrababu. Bharat, who is currently an MLC, was fielded in the ycp assembly from here. However, it must be said that india is somewhat new to politics. However, they showed some aggression in the elections of local bodies.
However, india is new to crucial elections like the Assembly. Moreover, the opponent is extraordinary. A leader of a party, a leader with world-class recognition. chief minister more than three times. A leader who rose to crores. He is Chandrababu. For the last 7 elections, that is, for 35 years, Chandrababu has been riding the winning horse here. YSP has done a terrible experiment on such a strong leader.
It is in this order that Bharat, who is an ordinary young leader, has been put in the ring here. In this context, it has become interesting to see what kind of judgment the people of kuppam will give. However, Bharat has been very close to the people of the constituency even for the last four years. Solving their problems. Similarly, government schemes are also offered. Bharat says that all this is a plus for him. Chandrababu also became alert as India's aggression increased. A house is being built here. They are also saying that they will stay local. In this background, it became interesting to see how the fight of the common man against the extraordinary would be.

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