Pawan Kalyan's illness..!? Jana Sena party's key instruction..!?

 The janasena party has made important suggestions regarding the health of pawan kalyan who is suffering from illness. Explained the precautions to be taken during the trip. Important events are taking place during the visit of janasena chief Pawan Kalyan, who is touring for the election campaign. Pawan is facing serious difficulties due to the collision of fans and people. The janasena party made a key announcement. Along with this, as Pawan was suffering from illness, the janasena party made important suggestions. On this occasion, the party issued a statement giving some instructions to the ranks and fans.
During the election campaign, pawan kalyan is undertaking the 'Vijayabheri' Yatra. The march will continue without a break until the elections are over. But Pawan has been suffering from illness for some time. Pawan, who is affected by recurrent influenza, is often suffering from fever. Jana Sena revealed that pawan kalyan was suffering from a fever at some point in the day. The Jana Sena party has advised not to pressure for handshakes and photos. The organizers were advised to take care not to fall on Pawan's face when the flowers were showered. In the wake of Pawan's trouble, the janasena party has announced in its announcement that janasena leaders, brave women, soldiers, and fans should follow these precautions.Janasena leader pawan kalyan has been ill for a month. Pawan has been suffering from fever since the start of the Vijayabheri Yatra. While touring pithapuram where he was competing, he suddenly ended the tour and went to Hyderabad. They rested for a week and came back again. Pawan is expected to campaign while taking a break. Given Pawan's health, the janasena party has given precautions and instructions to the leaders and fans.

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