Udhayanidhi: Udhayanidhi who talked about Sanathanam should not be let go. He should be punished for sure! congress chief minister Action!

Dengue and malaria should be eradicated without resistance. Similarly, this Sanatana should not oppose it. Udayanidhi Stalin's talk of abolishing it is controversial.Minister Udayanidhi Stalin's comment on Sanatnam is wrong. telangana chief minister revanth reddy said that it was his idea. tamil Nadu sports minister Udayanidhi stalin attended the Sanatana Abolition Conference held at Kamarajar Arena in Chennai. Speaking then, he said that only a few things should be opposed. Some have to be eliminated. dengue and Malaria should be eradicated without resistance, similarly, this Sanatana should not resist it; He said that it should be abolished. Udhayanidhi Stalin's speech sparked a national controversy. His speech was strongly opposed by Hindu organizations, BJP, and alliance party leaders who are part of india Alliance. Meanwhile, cases were filed against stalin -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>udhayanidhi stalin in various police stations across the country. Cases have also been filed against him in various places including bihar and Bengaluru. In this case, telangana State congress chief minister revanth reddy Udhayanidhi commented against stalin after the polling was completed in tamil Nadu yesterday. Udayanidhi Stal's opinion about revanth reddy Sanathanam who was involved in lok sabha election campaigning is very wrong and that is his thinking. He said that he should be punished for his comments about Sanatana Dharma. The telangana Chief Minister's comments against minister Udayanidhi stalin have created confusion within the alliance

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