DMK will win 35 constituencies! But! EPS has no intention of winning! What is BJP's position? KC. Palaniswami!

He thinks that he can win the elections if he leaves his rivals in the internal party dispute and takes the leadership alone.KC Palaniswami has said that it is strange to blame the election commission after the end of polling without even checking the voter list in the constituency in which the tamil Nadu leader of the ruling party is contesting. After the completion of the lok sabha elections for 40 constituencies in tamil Nadu and Puducherry, what does former member of parliament KC Palaniswami mean about the parliamentary elections? KC Palaniswami has commented on this. In this regard, former Member of parliament K.C. Palaniswami posted on X site:


 * DMK can win more than 35 constituencies in this election. But it is not because of the immense trust of the people. It is impossible only because the proper replacement structure does not occur. Even the core workers of DMK are upset that this regime is of no use, everything is centralized and they have no importance in this regime.

* Free bus for women and Rs.1000 though giving impact In the election campaign, he said that he would take action against former AIADMK ministers on property tax, electricity bill hikes, corruption, increase in drug traffic, and uncontrolled sale of liquor.

There is a feeling among the people that M.K.Stalin made a promise and did not take any action. These have had serious adverse effects on this government among the people.


 * annamalai only ran social media campaigns and sidelined the seniors and presented himself as only bjp and as a leader for change. The path he traveled to success was not one of winning the trust of the people. bjp received money from people like Martin in coimbatore despite trying to promote itself as being free from corruption and in tamil Nadu when it pressured businessmen to get funds, even though they announced that they would not pay for votes, bjp also spent money on par with DMK through businessmen in their respective areas. By this, he is seen by the public as an average politician.

* A candidate doesn't even know what to say and what to avoid during election time and still thinks of himself as a police officer "Even if he dies he can't cancel the NEET exam" and "AIADMK will disappear after the election", "AIADMK will go to OPS leadership", created unnecessary controversies saying "AIADMK will go to Dinakaran's hands" and only engaged in daily fights with journalists and police officials. Strangely, the tamil Nadu leader of the ruling party at the center blames the election commission after the polling is over without even checking the voter list in the constituency in which he is contesting. No big talk about plans for the development of #Coimbatore and tamil Nadu. In that way, he failed to win the trust of the people.


 * Even though the right decision was taken to contest separately against the BJP. Candidate Selection, Campaign Tactics, social media, media, Newspapers, etc. campaign domain is not structured. Even though he said that #EPS is like Amma's period to the question of newcomers in the election, he forgot that he is neither mgr nor Amma.

* On the basis that the economic background is the main factor, it gave the party an opportunity for new income and contractors based on financial strength, they retreated instead of fighting harder when the field faced tough competition. If they were party-conscious, they would have fought till the end even in tough competition.

* PM Modi, amit shah, Natta, and allied celebrities are campaigning in BJP. They have made good use of media and social networking. Similarly, rahul Gandhi, Stalin, Udayanidhi, Kanimozhi, and alliance celebrities campaigned in DMK. They have also made good use of media and social networking sites. But only to prove that he is the only AIADMK

Edappadi Palaniswami has no intention of winning the 40th election unless he tries. Even though there are many like #KCP who add strength to a party that is well-known among the masses, they are not utilized.

* Still Edappadi Palaniswami insists that his rivals should be kept aside and is still struggling to maintain his leadership even 7 years after his mother's disappearance. In internal party disputes, he left his rivals aside and took the leadership alone

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