Congress may release the list in haryana, possible names…

Congress can announce candidates for the lok sabha elections to be held in haryana on saturday (April 20). congress can give tickets to Deependra Hooda and Kumari Selja. Deependra Hooda can be given a ticket from the rohtak lok sabha seat and Kumari Selja from Sirsa. There is a possibility of karan Dalal or Mahendra Pratap getting the ticket from Faridabad. At the same time, the party can bet on kuldeep Sharma from Karnal.

Congress can field Captain ajay Yadav or Rao Dan Singh in the Gurugram lok sabha seat of Haryana. Apart from this, there is a possibility of varun Mullana getting a ticket from the Ambala seat.

Possible candidates for congress in Haryana

Rohtak – Deependra Hooda

Faridabad – karan Dalal/Mahendra Pratap

Gurugram – Captain ajay Yadav/Rao Dan Singh

Hisar – Vijendra Singh/Jaiprakash

Sirsa – Kumari Shailaja

Ambala – varun Mullana

Sonipat – Vijendra Singh/ or any shocking name

Karnal – kuldeep Sharma

Bhiwani – shruti Chaudhary/Rao Dan Singh

There are a total of 10 lok sabha seats in haryana, voting on which is to be held in a single phase on May 25. The results will come on june 4. In the 2019 lok sabha elections, congress could not win a single seat in Haryana. bjp had made a clean sweep. On the other hand, the bjp has fielded candidates on all 10 seats for the lok sabha elections in Haryana. Veteran leaders of the bjp are also trying their best to campaign for all the candidates. bjp has fielded former haryana CM manohar lal khattar from Karnal seat. ashok Tanwar is contesting from the Sirsa seat on the bjp ticket. He left aam aadmi party and joined BJP. bjp has again expressed confidence in the current mp from Gurugram seat, Rao Inderjit Singh Yadav.

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