How many seats will MVA get compared to Mahayuti? 

After the split in ncp in maharashtra, this will be the first time that an election fight will be seen within the Pawar family. After separating from the ncp, ajit pawar entered Mahayuti, after which sharad pawar also lost his ncp party and election symbol. Now the contest of 2024 is between Pawar and Pawar. Now sharad pawar is in the electoral fray with a new election symbol and a new party and is also ready to compete with his nephew Ajit Pawar.

Sharad Pawar's target on BJP

In the conversation to date, sharad pawar has targeted his nephew. The founder of ncp has given a big statement on the split in the party. sharad pawar said, "Due to the fear of ED action, party people left him. bjp cannot win in maharashtra, that is why ED, CBI, and CID are being used. Pawar said. He also said that people do not like two parties breaking into power and coming to power.

What did sharad pawar say on BJP's claim?

This time on crossing 400 and Modi factor, sharad pawar said, "We feel that whether it is maharashtra or... I will not be surprised if the entire opposition gets 50 percent seats from five or six places." Even at the national level, Modi's charisma is no longer visible. He further said, “We can gather people by using political power, money and government. Can show the show, but did not fulfill the big promises he had made. Such feelings have come into the minds of people. We will see its effect in the elections."

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