Amit Shah started with the proclamation of jai Shri Ram…

The Union home minister thanked the people by greeting them with the slogan of jai Shri Ram. He said that the public's enthusiasm, enthusiasm, and love for Modi will make him the prime minister for the third time. He said that every vote on Kamal given to bjp mp candidate Mannalal will go to prime minister Narendra Modi. Every vote of the voter will free india from terrorism and corruption. Your every vote will make india stronger and stronger. india will become the third economy only with your vote.

'Congress's card will be wiped clean'

Amit Shah said that the result of the voting on the seats held today will be that congress will be wiped out. Last time the public provided 303 seats, due to which article 370 was removed in Kashmir. With the coming of the bjp government, nationalism ended, india became the fifth economy in the world, and india remained in safe hands, no other country could look at it. ram temple was built in Ayodhya.

‘Did not come even after being invited for Ramlala's life consecration'

The Union home minister said that congress kept the issue of ram mandir hanging, wandering, stuck for years. Even after inviting ram Lalla's life consecration, rahul gandhi and sonia gandhi did not come. Because he was afraid of his vote bank. Not only this, the Modi government rebuilt cultural heritages, which include Kashi, ujjain Mahakal, etc. Taking a dig at the opposition, he said that when article 370 was removed, mehbooba mufti and rahul gandhi had said that rivers of blood would flow, but not even a single pebble was raised. india is prosperous, happy, and secure in the hands of prime minister Modi.

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