Congress leaders accuse bjp and ravindra Bhati of false propaganda…

With the increasing heat, the political temperature has started rising in rajasthan regarding the lok sabha elections. The battle is ready for the second phase of elections. To win this battle, warriors of political parties have entered the field. Star campaign leaders of political parties are trying to influence the voters through massive meetings and road shows. In the second phase, voting on 13 lok sabha seats in the state will be held on april 26. Before this, politicians are seen giving their clarification regarding various types of misleading propaganda.

Triangular contest on Barmer Jaisalmer

Politicians are sweating due to the triangular contest on the Barmer jaisalmer lok sabha seat. Former congress Party mp, mla Harish Chaudhary, and senior congress leader Hemaram Chaudhary jointly released a video saying that no such meeting of the Jat community has taken place. In which the Jat community has supported bjp candidate Kailash Choudhary. In this, the consent of senior congress leader Hemaram Chaudhary and former mp Harish Chaudhary has also been given. No such meeting has taken place.

Hemaram Chaudhary and Harish Chaudhary video released

Hemaram Chaudhary has said that this kind of misleading propaganda is being done by bjp and independents. No such meeting of the Jat community has taken place. Chaudhary said that I am a true soldier of the congress Party. Will work only for congress Party. By such misleading propaganda, confusion is being created in the minds of voters.

Choudhary said that the entire Jat community is with our congress candidate Umedaram Beniwal. Voters are being misled by such misleading propaganda. bjp and independent candidates want to win through such misleading propaganda. Let me tell you that their plans will not be fulfilled at all.

‘There was no such meeting in which Kailash Chaudhary was supported’

On the other hand, Baytu mla Harish Chaudhary said that no such meeting of the Jat community was held in which bjp candidate Kailash Chaudhary was supported nor has anyone called such a meeting. This is being done to confuse the voters. The entire Jat community is with congress Party candidate Umedaram Beniwal. Such misleading propaganda is having adverse effects on the voters. He alleged that bjp and independent candidates are trying to manipulate the atmosphere in their favor by spreading such misleading propaganda.

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