Why did imran khan leave the bollywood industry? 

Aamir Khan's nephew imran khan made an explosive debut in Bollywood. His first film 'Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na' released in 2008 was a super-duper hit and he gained a lot of popularity from it. But Imran has been missing from the silver screen for a long time. He was last seen with kangana ranaut in the 2015 film 'Katti Batti'. However, this romantic drama flopped at the box office and since then the actor has been away from the industry. Recently in a conversation with Film Companion, imran khan has revealed the reason for leaving Bollywood.

‘Love for films was not motivated by money’

According to the report in The indian Express, imran khan told Film Companion that in the film industry, there is an entire ecosystem around actors including promotion, PR, and management. In this environment, everyone focuses only on earning money. Everyone is focused on who earns how much from films, endorsements, appearances, and even small ceremonies like ribbon cutting. He said that over time, this monetary perspective becomes the primary measure of success. Despite being part of this environment, he realized that his love for films was not motivated by money.

Why did Imran leave the industry?

When asked whether he had left the industry because of the failure of 'Katti Batti'? In response to this question, Imran said, “Yes, he also said that at that moment I did not think about it that way and I did not think that I am leaving the industry today. It was kind of a process of one week turning into a month, one month turning into three and a year, and one year turning into two, after which I said, 'Okay, I will quit the industry because my heart is in it.

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