Lok Sabha elections: Voting sluggish in first phase?

The sluggish voting on 102 seats for the 18th lok sabha has given rise to many questions in the political circles. For the first time in the last 10 years, there has been 4 percent less voting. According to the Commission, this time around 62 percent of people have voted.

In 2019 this figure was around 66 percent.

The ruling nda and the opposition indian Alliance are trying to capitalize on the decline in voting in their respective favors. After voting ended on Friday, prime minister Narendra Modi claimed that the nda would get a big victory. india alliance is also claiming victory. SP supremo akhilesh yadav said after voting - BJP's first day, first show has flopped. Apart from the claims, know from these 4 figures who can benefit and who can suffer a loss due to a decrease in vote percentage?

Where what percentage of voting took place?

According to the election Commission, 62 percent voting took place in the first phase of the lok sabha elections. The highest voting took place in lakshadweep (83.88 percent), Tripura (81.62 percent) and West bengal (80.55 percent). If we talk about big states, 69.46 percent of voting took place in tamil Nadu, 60.25 percent in Uttar Pradesh, 61.87 percent in Maharashtra, 57.26 percent in rajasthan and 48.88 percent in Bihar. 67.08 percent voting took place in madhya pradesh and 75.95 percent voting took place in Assam.

In the 2019 elections, 66 percent of voting took place in the first phase of elections. According to the news agency IANS, out of the 102 seats for which voting took place in the first phase, in 2019, nda won 51 seats, out of which bjp won 40 seats.

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