It was very easy to say which party would win if elections were held in AP. But these elections are going very hard. It became difficult to tell which side the people were actually on. Some surveys say that the ruling ycp party will win again, while others say that the tdp alliance will come to power. But no matter who wins, the candidates will not get a majority but the survey organizations say that they will win by a margin of hundreds of votes. At this moment, 2024 has become a tight fight in AP. However, the ruling ycp is determined to win this election once again and show its strength. tdp, which lost in the last election, considered this election as a battle of life and death.

  They are trying hard to defeat jagan and come to power anyway. In this way, ycp and tdp candidates are facing each other in 25 parliamentary segments out of 175 assembly constituencies. Who will win in this order is still not expected. There are only 21 days left for the election. If we leave the election day, there are still 20 days left. It is not clear whether there will be any change in these days or whether the tight position will continue. Out of 175 constituencies, these three constituencies are their stronghold. In the last election, they won with a huge majority in those constituencies. This time, it seems that their majority is likely to decrease drastically. What are those constituencies?

These leaders won in kuppam, Pulivendula, hindupuram constituencies with huge majority in 2019. But this time there is no chance of even minimum majority. jagan won the 2019 election with a majority of 90 thousand in Pulivendu. But this time jagan doesn't seem to get even 30 thousand majority. Chandrababu won the 2019 election from kuppam with a majority of around 46,000. This time, there is a possibility that he will lose his majority. In hindupuram, balakrishna won the 2014 and 2019 elections with a majority of at least 10,000 votes. But this time it looks like he will have a tough fight even if he has a majority. Apart from them, political pundits say that there will be a difference of hundreds of votes between many candidates.

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